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NOTE: Notices to the Profession issued more than six weeks ago have been removed from this page; however, all Notices to the Profession are located in the Practice Notes - Appendix for approximately six months and can be viewed here. Amendments to the Practice Directions are incorporated into the Consolidated Practice Directions of the Court of Appeal immediately upon the effective date and can be found here.

Judgments to be Filed

  • •   Bighorn (Municipal District No. 8) v Bow Valley Waste Management Commission, 2015 ABCA 127 - Appeal #1401-0127-AC (Memorandum of Judgment)

  • •   R v Elder, 2015 ABCA 126 - Appeal #1303-0091-A (Memorandum of Judgment)

  • •   University of Calgary v JR, 2015 ABCA 118 - Appeal #1301-0368-AC (Reserved Judgment)

  • •   R v Hatfield, 2015 ABCA 124 - Appeal #1401-0273-A (Memorandum of Judgment)

  • •   R v Govenlock, 2015 ABCA 122 - Appeal #1503-0004-A (Reasons for Decision of one Justice)


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