Court of Queen's Bench Articling Contact Information

For information about the Court articling program, please consult the articling brochure. For further information contact Jennifer Taylor in Edmonton or Suzanne Vickers in Calgary. In addition, the following articling students presently at the Courts are willing to answer questions about the program:

In Edmonton, contact:

Allison Boutillier 780-415-5834
Jessica Fleming 780-427-7900
Fraser Genuis 780-422-0273
Tania Shapka 780-643-1342
Michael Swanberg 780-422-0342

In Calgary, contact:

Colin Bartlett 403-297-4739
Laura Comfort 403-592-4714
Ian Mahood 403-297-5001
Giorilyn Bruno 403-592-4712
Celeste Feick 403-592-4715