Criminal Rules

The new Rules come into effect September 1, 2021

Virtual Appearances

Certain court proceedings are now being conducted remotely by online video or by phone.

Below are various best practices and points of etiquette that will help ensure your participation in a remote hearing is as effective as possible.

Conduct Guide for Remote Appearances

Protocol for Booking Courtroom Technology for Remote Witness

Court Case Management

The Court Case Management Program (CCM) is a judicially-led initiative designed to develop new and innovative ways to effectively manage cases in the Alberta Provincial Criminal Court.

It is intended to increase public confidence in the justice system and improve access to justice. CCM is a collaborative effort which benefits from the participation of stakeholders including Resolution and Court Administration Services (RCAS), Alberta Crown Prosecution Services (ACPS), Public Prosecution Service of Canada (PPSC), defence counsel, law enforcement and the judiciary.

Remote Court Scheduling

  • Booking an Adult Case in the Provincial Court of Alberta


Judicial Schedules

Practice Directions and Forms

Practice directions and forms that are available for use by the Bar and other members of the public, as well as notices governing practices or procedures within the different regions or divisions of the Provincial Court.

Appeals and Transcripts

Alberta Courts Public and Media Access Guide

The Alberta Courts Public and Media Access Guide covers access to court proceedings, information, documents, and exhibits by members of the public, including the media. It also covers restrictions on access to or publication of court information. The guide applies to civil, family, provincial offences, and criminal proceedings in the Provincial Court of Alberta and in the Court of Appeal of Alberta and Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta.

Video Conferencing

You can book a courtroom or meeting video conference by going to:

Audio Visual for use in a courtroom

You can book audio visual equipment for use in a courtroom by going to:

Policy for Access to Court Audio Recordings

Members of the public, lawyers, litigants, accused or the media may obtain copies of court audio recordings only in accordance with the Policy for Access to Court Audio Recordings.