COVID-19 Civil Matters

UPDATED  MAY 27, 2020 

No in-person appearances shall be permitted at any court location.

Emergency applications will continue to be heard according to the protocols presently in place.

Pre-trial conferences, simplified trials and binding judicial dispute matters presently scheduled between May 25th through to July 3rd, 2020 will proceed as scheduled by teleconference or videoconference only.

Trials presently scheduled after May 25th (other than simplified trials) will be case managed by a Judge.  The parties will be contacted in advance of the trial date and a case management conference will be held by teleconference or videoconference where a Judge will canvas trial readiness, suitability for trial by teleconference or videoconference, and settlement.  If the matter is not suitable for trial by teleconference or videoconference the matter will be adjourned. 

Applications that can be heard by teleconference may be scheduled and the usual requirements regarding filing and service of notice of the application and supporting documents will apply.  Desk applications will be received in the drop boxes in Edmonton and Calgary or as directed by the regional courts.

Urgent matters only will be accepted for filing at the counters, and non-urgent matters to be filed will be received in the drop boxes in Edmonton and Calgary or as directed by the regional courts. 

drop off box will be located at the entrances to the Calgary Court Centre and Edmonton Law Courts where non urgent documents may be deposited at the Sheriff station. There will be a turnaround time of 6 business days to complete the filing procedures, at which time documents may be picked up by Lawyers/Agents/Runners and mailed out to Self-Represented Litigants. Please include a cheque in instances where there is a filing fee.

For scheduling concerns, please call the civil division hotlines. Those lines are:

  • Edmonton: 780 644-7638
  • Calgary: 403 297-7219

For matters that are scheduled to be heard outside of Edmonton or Calgary please contact your local courthouse.

Provincial Court Pandemic Plan - COVID19

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