COVID-19 Civil Matters

UPDATED  JULY 6, 2020 


For the time period July 6, 2020 to September 4, 2020, the following protocols will apply to Civil Claims:

  • There will be no presumptive adjournments of any civil matters.
  • Matters scheduled after July 6 will proceed as scheduled. 
  • There may be in-person mediations, pre-trial conferences, trials and other applications as set out in the Resumption Plan for civil court. In Edmonton and Calgary, pretrial conferences and applications will be conducted in person. In areas outside of Edmonton and Calgary, pretrial conferences and applications will be conducted by telephone. In person trials across the province will start July 6.  
  • Urgent filing of documents will be accepted at civil counters in base court locations.  Non-urgent matters will be accepted by way of drop box or at the civil counters. 

Edmonton and Calgary


Pending development of a document handling protocol, urgent filing only will be handled at the civil counters, with drop boxes continuing to be used for all other filing.


Mediations are being held as previously scheduled in both Edmonton and Calgary by telephone. Mediations are currently being conducted by telephone, WebEx or Zoom.

Pre-trial Conferences

  1. All pretrial conferences which have been adjourned pursuant to the master COVID-19 order have been rescheduled. All pretrial conferences that had been scheduled for after July 3 are proceeding as scheduled.
  2. In person appearances will commence July 6, 2020, in Edmonton and Calgary although remote appearances will be encouraged. For matters scheduled in areas other than Edmonton and Calgary pre-trial conferences will be held by teleconference.
  3. Pretrial conferences are being held in courtrooms in both Edmonton and Calgary. Conference rooms are not being utilized due to social distancing concerns.


  1. In person civil trials will commence across the province on July 6 2020. Social distancing and sanitization protocols will be enforced.
  2. Matters that have been scheduled for July 6 and after will proceed as scheduled.


  1. In person applications will be conducted after July 6 2020 in Edmonton and Calgary. Social distancing and sanitization protocols will be enforced.
  2. Applications outside of Edmonton and Calgary will be held by teleconference.
  3. Staggered scheduling of in person applications will be implemented to avoid an influx of people at 9:30 or 1:30 each day.


We will continue to encourage remote hearings whether by telephone or WebEx. Parties are to contact the local Court clerks to determine availability of WebEx for their matter, and to arrange scheduling.

Drop off boxes

drop off box will be located at the entrances to the Calgary Court Centre and Edmonton Law Courts where non urgent documents may be deposited at the Sheriff station. There will be a turnaround time of 6 business days to complete the filing procedures, at which time documents may be picked up by Lawyers/Agents/Runners and mailed out to Self-Represented Litigants. Please include a cheque in instances where there is a filing fee.

Civil Division Hotlines

For scheduling concerns, please call the civil division hotlines. Those lines are:

  • Edmonton: 780 644-7638
  • Calgary: 403 297-7219

Protocols for other Court Locations

Provincial Court Pandemic Plan - COVID19

Master Order Relating to Court's Response to COVID-19