COVID-19 Criminal Adult



In-person Trials and Preliminary Hearings for all In-Custody matters continue and in-person Out-of-Custody Trials and Preliminary Hearings resume at base point locations across the province on July 6, 2020 if the hearing can proceed safely.

Case Management Offices (CMO's) reopen remotely on July 6, 2020. No in-person attendance by Out-of-Custody accused will be permitted at locations that have CMO's.

Remote dockets continue but there will be no further presumptive adjournments. Counsel and Out-of-Custody self-represented accused must make docket court appearances remotely at both CMO or non-CMO court locations by the various methods outlined in the Case Management Office (CMO) and Out of Custody Docket Court Resumption Protocol. Some Regions may allow limited personal docket appearances by an accused. Please reference the specific Regional Court Resumption Plans below. 

Circuit point locations remain closed. Circuit point dockets will continue to be conducted remotely at base point locations and appearances should be made in the manner referred to above.

Court will continue to conduct Pre-Trial Conferences remotely on all matters scheduled for one-half day or longer between now and the end of the year.

Judicial authorization applications: The Court will continue to hear judicial authorization applications either through the Hearing Office, by attending in Provincial Court Judges’ Chambers at a base location or in Edmonton through the Edmonton Digital Judicial Authorization Rule and Protocol.

Criminal Fines (Adult & Youth) - Applications for extension of time to pay for payment on criminal fines will be accepted by the Provincial Court via mail, email, fax or telephone. 

For further information regarding specific court locations, their protocols and practices, see the following links:

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