Court Case Management Program

The Court Case Management Program (CCM) is a judicially-led initiative designed to more effectively manage matters in Edmonton and Calgary adult Provincial Criminal Court.  This is intended to increase public confidence in the justice system and improve access to justice.

CCM incorporates innovative approaches to scheduling matters, including the introduction of new technology such as Remote Courtroom Scheduling (booking matters online by computer or mobile device).  In a separate yet related initiative, the Criminal Justice Division adopted "Crown file ownership" whereas an assigned prosecutor follows a file from beginning to end, which coincides with the overall objectives of CCM.

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CCM Provincial Guidelines
CCM 2014-15 Handbook

Recommendations CCM Business Process Review  - October 2013

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CCM expansion encompasses the implementation of PRISM in a Crown office, a Case Management Office (CMO) and Remote Courtroom Scheduling (RCS) for each location.  The CCM Provincial Guidelines document contains more information relating to these processes.

Court Case Management 2014/15

Phase 4 will focus on continued expansion of CMOs, CASS and the standardization of processes throughout the province which includes federal matters at the CMO in Edmonton and Calgary, the implementation of Criminal E-file in the Edmonton Crown office along with the implementation of e-Informations in Edmonton and Calgary.

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