New Alberta Rules of Court

The Alberta Rules of Court (AR 124/2010) came into force on November 1, 2010. The goal of the multi-year Rules Project, led by the Alberta Law Reform Institute, was to maximize the Rules' clarity, usability and effectiveness and to contribute to a fair, accessible, timely and cost effective civil justice system. The Rules govern actions in the Alberta courts and had not been significantly revised since 1968.

On September 1, 2014, new Court of Appeal Rules will come into force. The new Court of Appeal Rules will be Part 14 of the Alberta Rules of Court (AR 124/2010).

The Queen's Printer has published a print version of the Alberta Rules of Court which contains tools to assist the user, such as information notes to provide additional information about the subject and references to related rules. The print version of the Rules also contains a comprehensive index.  The Queen's Printer has also published an electronic version of the new Rules which contains hyperlinks which will permit the user to jump within the document.

To view the electronic version of the new Alberta Rules of Court, click here.

Electronic versions of the forms prescribed by the new Rules have been posted:

to the Alberta Court of Appeal's website and the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench website.

Provide feedback to the Rules of Court Committee regarding the new Alberta Rules of Court.

Important Notes from the Rules of Court Committee