Changes to Court Fees

Effective May 1, 2015 a number of changes will be introduced with respect to the fees charged by court officials for civil, family and surrogate matters in Alberta's courts.

Court Fees Adjustments

  • Court of Appeal

  • Court of Queen’s Bench – Civil and Family matters

  • Court of Queen’s Bench – Surrogate matters

  • Provincial Court – Civil matters

  • Provincial Court – Family matters

Amendments have been made to the Provincial Court Fees and Costs Regulation, the Alberta Rules of Court, and the Surrogate Rules to accommodate the new or revised court fee amounts. The amendment regulations can be reviewed online at:

Filing Fee Waivers

A Ministerial Order has been issued, effective May 1, 2015, which establishes revised guidelines for applications by low-income litigants to waive certain court filing fees. A list of the filing fees which are eligible to be waived, as well as an Application for Fee Waiver and Statement of Finances, can be found here: