The Commercial List was established to hear actions, application and motions in Calgary and Edmonton involving issue of commercial insolvency law. In 2014, the scope and nature of matters that could be heard on the List was expanded to include certain matters that arise under statute, certain types of injunctive relief and urgent commercial matters, subject to the availability of time on the List and the approval of a Justice of the Commercial Practice Group.

Commercial Law Steering Committee

The Commercial Law Steering Committee considers policy and operational issues associated with Insolvency and Commercial law matters consistent with the Court’s mission and vision.

Commercial Law Announcements

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Notices to the Profession & Public

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Notice to the Profession & Public - Citation of Authorities - 2013-06PDF817.06 KB10 Sep, 2019 Download
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Notice to the Profession & Public - Assignment of Judicial Dispute Resolution Under Rule 4.16(1) - 2013-03PDF347.15 KB10 Sep, 2019 Download
Notice to the Profession & Public - The Commercial Duty Justice Initiative - 2010-08PDF1.00 MB10 Sep, 2019 Download

Matters Eligible for the Commercial List

(Subject to Change)

Matters that may be scheduled on the Commercial List are applications and motions that, in essence, involve the following:

a) Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act
b) Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act
c) Receivership applications and all interlocutory motions to appoint, or give directions to, receivers and receiver/managers; 
d) Winding-Up and Restructuring Act;
e) Bank Act relating to realizations and priority disputes; 
f) Business Corporations Act (Alberta) and Canada Business Corporations Act with respect to plans of arrangement, other corporate reorganizations and applications involving insolvency; 
g) Matters relating to the winding up or liquidation of credit unions; and 
h) Such other emergency commercial matters as the Chief Justice or the Associate Chief Justice or their designates may direct to be booked on the List due to their urgent or time-sensitive nature.

The Co-chairs of the Commercial Practice Group may be contacted about the scheduling of long matters, urgent matters and matters that may fall within subparagraph 1(h), above. In such cases, it is expected that counsel shall provide details on the matter, the urgency, expected length and mutually convenient dates.

Scheduling a Matter on the Commercial List

The documents below set out judicial assignments and time availability for the Commercial List. The grid is set in half hour time slots. Parties may book as many slots as are required, and should advise the Commercial Coordinator of the anticipated length of their application and the nature of the application. The cut-off for bookings is noon on Wednesday of the preceding week. The Court will accommodate emergency applications that may arise after the booking cut-off.

Booking Procedures in Calgary and Edmonton for the Commercial Duty List
Calgary Commercial Assignments & Availability
Edmonton Commercial Assignments & Availability