Judicial Dispute Resolution

What is Judicial Dispute Resolution?

Judicial Dispute Resolution (JDR) is a confidential pre-trial settlement conference led by a Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench. The objective of a JDR is to resolve the dispute so a trial will be either unnecessary, or at most limited to those issues on which the parties do not agree. The parties meet with Justice to confidentially discuss the background of the case and what the parties feel is important in the case. The participants will then discuss possible solutions. If no agreement is reached,  the Justice may give a non-binding opinion of what decision they would make if this case and these facts were presented at trial. The Justice’s non-binding opinion may help the parties and their lawyers reach a resolution without having to go to trial. A settlement is only reached if everyone agrees. Binding JDRs are also available at the Court of Queen’s Bench. In these cases the parties agree that the Justice’s opinion will be binding.

Source: Department of Justice, Inventory of Government-Based Family Justice Services

Notices to the Profession & Public

Notice to the Profession & Public - JDR Booking Reduction - 2014-06

Priority of Assignment of Under Rule 4.16(1)

The assignment of Judiciary Dispute Resolution (JDR) hearings in Edmonton and Calgary, pursuant to Rule 4.16(1)(c), shall, on the effective date for booking after the schedule of JDR Justices is released for each upcoming term, be on a first filing basis on the following priority:

(a) Family Law matters; and 
(b) to all civil cases that are ready for trial (with a filed Form 37, duly executed by all parties attached).

In Judicial Centres outside of Calgary and Edmonton, the order of priority principles set out above will be considered by the Court Coordinators for booking JDR hearings.

Booking Procedures in Calgary & Edmonton for the Spring Term (January to June 2020)

Judicial Assignments and Availability

Notice to the Profession & Public - JDR Booking Reduction - 2014-06

The following procedures will apply for this purpose, as follows: 

  • The list of available dates and assigned JDR Justices for EDMONTON and CALGARY have now been posted on this website. 
 Bookings must:
  1. be made by completing, in full, the JDR Booking Request Form, which is located on the Alberta Courts Website.  **Please note that all fields on the form are mandatory - as such, if the form is not completed in full, it cannot be submitted;
  2. be submitted via e-mail using the JDR Booking Request form only (see above).
  3. please submit your request only in accordance with the booking priority as outlined.

Booking priority will be given as outlined below:

(a) Family Law matters; and 
(b) to all civil cases that are ready for trial (with a filed Form 37, duly executed by all parties attached).

Note: Please indicate in your “SUBJECT” line upon which priority/ies you will be relying and a brief Style of Cause and action number. 

No bookings will be permitted until 7:30 am on Monday, January 6, 2020.

Forms received prior to the 7:30am booking start time will not be considered and may be deleted. The JDR Coordinator will be in touch with booking parties within 3 weeks after booking commences to advise you of whether and when your matter has been booked, so please provide all contact information in your booking form.

If you have any questions about the above, address them to the appropriate Judicial Dispute Resolution Coordinator below:


Judicial Dispute Resolution Coordinator
Phone: 780.643.1411

Judicial Dispute Resolution Coordinator
Phone: 403.297.7499
E-mail: JDRBookingsCalgary@albertacourts.ca