COVID-19 Announcements

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Resumption of Family, Civil and Masters Hearing Lists Remotely Province-Wide

Jun 30, 2020
Beginning in July 2020, the Court will recommence the following hearing lists remotely via Webex video and audio province-wide on regular dates:
  • Family Court Appeals & Adoptions - Speak To
  • Interjurisdictional Support Orders (including applications for provisional orders under the Divorce Act)
  • (AISH) Child Support

  • Adult Guardianship & Trustee Act Applications 

  • Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP)
The scheduling of these applications will be reserved for parties who are unable to use the electronic desk processes as announced by the Court here:

Priority will be given to matters that were scheduled for a hearing list between March 16 and June 26, 2020 and cancelled pursuant to the Court's Masters Orders during the pandemic.
Parties who are seeking relief in the form of an Order, are required to include their Application and form of Order. Template forms of Order are available on the Courts Website by click on the Area or Type of Law and Forms or Templates. Parties must also include any other information they intend to rely on as the Judge or Master hearing any Application will not have ready access to any other materials (even if previously filed). The Clerk's Office will return the filed Application and confirmation of the hearing date via email for the Applicant to serve (i.e. give notice to) the Respondent (where applicable) of the Application, including the hearing date, time and location.
Parties who are unable to participate remotely, may seek an in-person hearing as part of their request for an Application.