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Commercial Duty

The documents below set out judicial assignments and time availability for the Commercial List. The grid is set in half hour time slots. Parties may book as many slots as are required, and should advise the Commercial Coordinator of the anticipated length of their application and the nature of the application. The cut-off for bookings is noon on Wednesday of the preceding week. The Court will accommodate emergency applications that may arise after the booking cut-off. For further information on the Commercial Duty List, include matters that can be heard on this list, please see the Commercial page.

Booking Procedures in Calgary and Edmonton for the Commercial Duty List
Calgary Commercial Assignments & Availability
Edmonton Commercial Assignments & Availability

Early Intervention Case Conferences

When a matter is directed to a mandatory EICC, the litigants will be provided with a letter setting out their scheduled EICC date (targeted to be within about 4 to 6 weeks) along with the EICC Summary form to be completed by both litigants. The letter will confirm the requirement that the EICC Summary form must be provided to the opposing party and to the Court 7 days prior to the scheduled EICC, with itemized consequences for failure to do so. Links to the form and the template order are provided below:

Early Intervention Case Conference Summary Form
Template Order - Mandatory Early Intervention Case Conference

Commencing September 1, 2018, the Court will be conducting six EICCs each week. Two of the six EICCs each week will be referred based on written request. That request may be made by completing the form entitled "Request for Early Intervention Case Conference Form" In a Family Proceeding”, and providing it to the Case Conference Coordinator in the applicable city:

Red Deer:

All requests will be considered by a designated Justice in each city. Written confirmation will be provided if the matter is accepted into the EICC project. Counsel must then appear in regular family chambers with the acceptance letter for the purpose of confirming the date for the EICC and to obtain an Order and an information package for each of the parties. 

Family Law Specials (1 Hour)

Family Law Practice Note 2, effective April 3, 2018 states, in part, that any family law chambers application that will take longer than 20 minutes (but less than 60 minutes) should be set down for hearing as a “special family law chambers" application.

1-Hour Family Law Special must be booked through the offices of the Special Chambers Coordinators by completing the booking form below and submitting it to the appropriate office:

Edmonton -
Calgary -

One-Hour Family Law Special Booking Procedures
One-Hour Family Law Special Booking Request Form
Edmonton Family Law Special Availability
Calgary Family Law Special Availability

Judicial Dispute Resolution

The documents below set out judicial assignments and time availability for Judicial Dispute Resolution in Calgary and Edmonton. The JDR schedule is released three times per year, in advance of the Spring, Summer and Fall Terms. Please see the Judicial Dispute Resolution page for further information on the booking process and requirements.

Calgary Judicial Dispute Resolution Assignments and Availability
Edmonton Judicial Dispute Resolution Assignments and Availability

Mandatory Family Pre-trial Conferences

Effective September 1, 2018, Pre-trial Conferences in family matters are mandatory in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer, where one or both parties wish to schedule a trial date in the following circumstances:

  • all files where there are one or more self-represented litigants; and
  • all files that are being scheduled for trial for three (3) days or more.

The objectives of the pre-trial conference are set out in Part A of Family Law Practice Note 3. Part B, paragraph 6 of the same Practice Note applies.

Availability for Family Pre-trial Conferences in Calgary and Edmonton can be found below, along with the booking request form:

Family Pre-trial Conference Booking Request Form
Calgary Family Pre-trial Conference Availability
Edmonton Family Pre-trial Conference Availability

For bookings in Red Deer, please contact the Court Coordinator's office at or 403.340.5360 for availability.

The Family Pre-Trial Conference Summary below must be completed and exchanged between the parties and provided to the Court seven (7) days before the pre-trial conference.

Family Pre-trial Conference Summary Form

Summary forms are to be sent to the Coordinator in the appropriate location:

Red Deer:

Note: All parties must be in attendance at the pre-trial conference.

Half Day Special Chambers Applications

The documents below set out the booking procedures and availability for half day Special Chambers Applications in Calgary and Edmonton. The availability will be updated twice-daily. Upon completion of the request form, please submit it to the Special Chambers Coordinator in the appropriate court location:

Edmonton -
Calgary -

Half Day Special Chambers Booking Procedures
Half Day Special Chambers Booking Request Form
Edmonton Half Day Special Chambers Availability
Calgary Half Day Special Chambers Availability

Masters Special Applications

Bookings for half day Masters Special Applications can be done through the offices of the Masters' Assistant/Clerk in Calgary and Edmonton. Please see the availability and booking procedures below for further information.

Please note: The Court has approved a pilot project amending the deadlines in paragraph 9a of Civil Practice Note 2 for Master’s Special Applications in Edmonton as follows:

  • Applicant's application, brief and authorities - 2 weeks following the booking date (also known as the “triggering” date)
  • Respondent's brief and authorities - 4 weeks following the triggering date
  • Cross-application and any further information/materials with leave of the Court

The Court expects that parties will not book a Master’s Special Application until affidavit exchange and questioning is completed; other methods of dispute resolution have been considered; and the parties are prepared to file a brief and proceed to a hearing.

All other parts of Civil Practice Note 2 Special Applications continue to apply mutatis mutandis (with any necessary changes) to Master’s Special Applications in Edmonton.

Please see the announcement:  New filing deadlines for Edmonton Master’s Special Applications – Pilot Project Effective July 1, 2018

Masters Special Booking Procedures
Masters Special Booking Form - Edmonton
Masters Special Booking Form - Calgary
Calgary Masters Special Availability
Edmonton Masters Special Availability