Sitting Dates


1 All sittings open at 10:00 a.m. unless otherwise directed.

2 General Appeal Hearings will consist of all Civil and Criminal Appeals (excluding Sentence Appeals). For the purposes of calculating time frames, Monday is the opening day of the sittings week, whether or not the Monday of that week is a holiday. The first day of each sittings week is reserved for Fast Track Appeals.

3 For purposes of calculating time frames, opening day is the Monday prior to the first day of oral argument, whether or not the Monday of that week is a holiday.

4 Limited to appeals - (1) Against sentence where the appellant is in custody and there is a reasonable possibility that the result of the appeal is that they might be released before the next regular sittings of the Court; (2) From conviction where the appellant is in custody and has been refused interim release pending appeal; (3) Such other cases which, because of urgency or special circumstances, are directed to be heard by order of a Judge of Appeal.

Place of Sitting General Appeal Hearings -
(Week of)1&2
Sentence Sittings - First Day of Oral Argument1&3 Panel Applications1
Edmonton Mon. Jan. 6 Tues. Jan. 21 Thurs. Jan. 23
Calgary Mon. Jan. 13 Tues. Jan. 28 Thurs. Jan. 23
Edmonton Mon. Feb. 3 Wed. Feb. 19 Thurs. Feb. 27
Calgary Mon. Feb. 10 Tues. Feb. 25 Thurs. Feb. 27
Edmonton Mon. Mar. 2 Tues. Mar. 17 Thurs. Mar. 26
Calgary Mon. Mar. 9 Tues. Mar. 24 Thurs. Mar. 26
Edmonton Mon. Mar. 30 Wed. Apr. 15 Thurs. Apr. 23
Calgary Mon. Apr. 6 Tues. Apr. 21 Thurs. Apr. 23
Edmonton Mon. Apr. 27 Tues. May 12 Thurs. May 14
Calgary Mon. May 4 Wed. May 20 Thurs. May 14
Edmonton Mon. June 1 Tues. June 16 Thurs. June 18
Calgary Mon. June 8 Tues. June 16 Thurs. June 18
Edmonton Mon. July 134    
Calgary Mon. July 134    
Edmonton Mon. Aug. 31 Tues. Sept. 15 Thurs. Sept. 17
Calgary Tues. Sept. 8 Tues. Sept. 22 Thurs. Sept. 17
Edmonton Mon. Oct. 5 Tues. Oct. 20 Thurs. Oct. 22
Calgary Tues. Oct. 13 Tues. Oct. 27 Thurs. Oct. 22
Edmonton Mon. Nov. 2 Tues. Nov. 17 Thurs. Nov. 19
Calgary Mon. Nov. 9 Tues. Nov. 24 Thurs. Nov. 19
Edmonton Mon. Nov. 30 Tues. Dec. 15 Thurs. Dec. 17
Calgary Mon. Dec. 7 Tues. Dec. 15 Thurs. Dec. 17

Speaking to the List Dates


Place of Sitting
Unscheduled Criminal Appeals List - 10:00 a.m.1 Unscheduled Civil Appeals
List - 1:30 p.m.2
Calgary Wed. Jan. 8 Wed. Jan. 8
Edmonton Wed. Jan. 15 Wed. Jan. 15
Calgary Wed. May 13 Wed. May 13
Edmonton Wed. May 6 Wed. May 6
Calgary Wed. Sept. 2 Wed. Sept. 2
Edmonton Wed. Sept. 9 Wed. Sept. 9

1 Unless otherwise directed, the Criminal Speak To List will consist of all Criminal matters (excluding Sentence Appeals) where the notice of appeal is filed more than twenty (20) days prior to the speak to date.

2 Unless otherwise ordered, the Unscheduled Civil Appeals List will consist of all Civil matters (excluding Fast Track appeals) where the appeal has not been scheduled for hearing before a) the earlier of two (2) months after the deadline for the filing of the last factum in the appeal and nine (9) months after the filing of the Notice of Appeal, or b) any deadline stipulated by the Case Management Officer or Single Appeal Judge (Rule 14.33(2)).