Message from the Chief Justice

Chief Justice FraserNew Calgary Court of Appeal Courthouse

The announcement of a new Court of Appeal courthouse in Calgary is a positive and important development for all Albertans and for the administration of justice in our province. Thanks to the Alberta government and Albertans, the new Court of Appeal courthouse will bring all court levels in this province together as part of the Calgary Courts Centre in downtown Calgary. A single courts centre will reaffirm open access to justice in this province both symbolically and in fact...

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Judgments to be filed

Notice of the judgments to be released the following business day will be posted here by 4:00 p.m. each business day.

• Saito v Lester Estate, 2021 ABCA 179 - Appeal No. 1901-0412AC (Memorandum of Judgment)

• Shea v Kitchen, 2021 ABCA 176 - Appeal No. 2001-0173-AC (Reasons for Decision)

• Christensen v Tompkins, 2021 ABCA 180 - Appeal No. 2001-0253AC (Memorandum of Judgment)

• Bilawey v Bilawey, 2021 ABCA 178 - Appeal No. 2103-0063-AC (Reasons for Decision)

• R v McManus, 2021 ABCA 177 - Appeal No. 1903-0302A (Reasons for Judgment Reserved)