Conduct Guide for Remote Appearances

Certain court proceedings are now being conducted remotely by online video or by phone.

Below are various best practices and points of etiquette that will help ensure your participation in a remote hearing is as effective as possible.

Court Information Access Guide for Alberta

The Court Information Access Guide for Alberta covers access to court proceedings, information, documents, and exhibits by members of the public, including the media. It also covers restrictions on access to or publication of court information. The guide applies to civil, family, provincial offences, and criminal proceedings in the Alberta Court of Justice and in the Court of Appeal of Alberta and Court of King's Bench of Alberta. 

The applicable notice to the profession is Practice Note Governing Notice of Application for Publication Ban.

Media Undertaking

Members of the media may sign the Media Accreditation Undertaking and provide it to the Alberta Court of Justice. When the court accepts the undertaking, the media representative is then accredited media for the purpose of the court’s access policies.

Questions about the process as well as completed undertakings may be emailed to

Accredited Media List

Accreditations approved after March 17, 2023 will be handled under the newly-revised media accreditation policy. The list of currently accredited members of the media under this new policy appears in the Accredited Media List 2023.

Audio Recording Policy

Members of accredited media are allowed to make audio recordings of court proceedings on the conditions set out in the Use of Electronic Devices Policy.

Electronic & Wireless Devices Policy

Counsel and members of accredited media are allowed to keep their devices turned on in courtrooms, subject to the terms of the use of electronic devices policy 2023, adopted by the Alberta Court of Justice. All other persons must turn off their devices in courtrooms. For everyone, this policy governs use of electronic and wireless devices in courtrooms and courthouses. 

Policy for Access to Court Audio Recordings

Members of the public, lawyers, litigants, accused or the media may obtain copies of court audio recordings only in accordance with the Policy for Access to Court Audio Recordings.


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