Biennial Report

The strategic vision for the Alberta Court of Justice is to build a modern, independent, accountable Court that provides fair, accessible, efficient, and innovative justice for all Albertans. The 2021–2023 Alberta Court of Justice Biennial Report covers the activity of the Court for the two-year period from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2023.

During this time, and due to COVID-19, the Court saw its operations dramatically impacted, and significantly scaled back operations to implement new processes and technology to safely deliver justice to Albertans.

The Report provides information about the values, vision, governance and administration of the Court, its areas of practice, and the wide variety of initiatives and programs the Court has undertaken during the reporting period. 

Alberta Court of Justice Biennial Report 2021-2023

The Court has served Albertans for more than a century and has grown to meet the continuously evolving needs of Alberta’s diverse society. During this time, the Court has maintained the confidence of Albertans and has a reputation for providing accessible and timely justice to all.
The Court serves the public by providing access to a fair, efficient and innovative system of justice. We provide an impartial and independent forum that:

  • is accessible to all Albertans regardless of their location or means; 
  • maintains respect for the rule of law and confidence in the administration of justice; and
  • reflects cultural diversity and the core values of fairness, accountability, integrity and excellence.

The previous report can be found here: Provincial Court Biennial Report 2019-2021