Family Justices hear applications for child and spousal support, parenting arrangements, private guardianship and all child protection cases.  The Alberta Court of Justice does not have jurisdiction to decide divorce applications or claims with respect to property rights arising from a breakdown of a relationship.  You must go to the Alberta Court of King's Bench to deal with these matters.

  • Areas of Family Law - Family Justices hear applications with respect to child support, spousal support, parenting arrangements, child protection, and guardianship of and contact with a child.
  • Family Law Legislation and Resources - A number of different statutes and regulations govern family law and child protection cases in Alberta.  As well, there are numerous online resources available to parents and former partners dealing with family law and child protection issues.
  • Judicial Schedules - For use by lawyers (Password required)
  • Forms and Publications - Forms that apply to Alberta Court of Justice Family as well as a number of brochures and information booklets that the Court has prepared in an effort to assist people who are navigating the family court process.

Starting June 2021 in Edmonton, the Alberta Court of Justice began piloting a virtual remote family docket for self-represented litigants.