Case Management

Notices to the Profession & Public

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Civil & Family Case Management

Civil and Family Case Management involves the appointment of a Case Management Justice under Rule 4.13 and takes place over a longer period of time, typically continuing until the issues in dispute between the parties have been resolved through settlement or at trial. Case Management may involve identifying issues, discussing resolution, making interim and procedural rulings, and creating and facilitating a litigation plan to move the matter to settlement or trial.

Case Management Counsel

Cases are referred to Case Management Counsel in two ways: when appointing a Case Management Justice, the parties may be directed to meet with Case Management before meeting with the Case Management Justice or a Case Management Justice may involve Case Management Counsel in a case that is in Case Management.  Case Management Counsel may perform all duties with respect to the Case management of cases that are assigned to them and by the Rules.

Criminal Case Management

Section 551.1 (1) of the Criminal Code allows the Chief Justice or designate judge to appoint a Case Management Judge if the Chief Justice or designate judge are of the opinion that it is necessary for the proper administration of justice.