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Electronic Without Notice Applications - Applications Judges Jurisdiction

May 11, 2020

The Court is now processing electronic Without Notice Applications before an Applications Judge in Chambers province-wide in accordance with the following procedures. The Form is available on the Court's website here:

Desk Application Without Notice

For those applications that may be made ex parte or without providing notice to a Respondent, such as applications for Service Orders, the Applicant must submit: (1) any material in support of the Application, including an Affidavit, Trustees’ Report or other evidence; and (2) the proposed Form of Order being sought in accordance with the email filing instructions here.

The response to the Application will be returned by email, including: the electronically signed Order; or the Endorsement Sheet requiring additional information or indicating the Applications Judge's reasons for denying the Application.

If the Application is granted, the Applicant remains responsible for filing the electronically signed Order and any material in support of the Application at the appropriate Judicial Center.

Those Applicants unable to submit their application by email may continue to file in paper at the appropriate Judicial Center.