Emergency/Urgent Hearing Request

(Yes or No, Name of Justice, if known)
(e.g. Smith vs. Jones ; e.g. R v Smith)
Note:  A list of Judicial Hub Centres as outlined in the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench Master Order #2, March 20, 2020, Relating to Court's Response to the COVID-19 Virus may be found on the Courts Announcements Page. 
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(e.g. Application, Bail Review, etc..)
Note any documents or materials which will be relied upon at the Hearing (materials may not be attached to this Matter/Request at this time).
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If the Applicant is requesting an Emergency/Urgent Hearing without notice to the opposing counsel/party, explain why by including a note in the Opposing Counsel's/Party's Position on this Matter/Request section.

If this is a CRIMINAL Matter:

Is the Accused in Custody?
Has there been a Designation of Counsel filed?
Is there Consent to Proceed by Audio/Videoconference?