Scheduling of Special Family Law Chambers Applications 

Court of Queen’s Bench “Family Law Practice Note #2”, effective October 1, 2015 states, in part, that any family law chambers application that will take longer than 20 minutes (but less than 60 minutes) should be set down for hearing as a “special family law chambers" application. Booking an application must be done through the clerk's office, either in person or by telephone.

To book a 20-60 minute "family law special chambers" application to be heard in Edmonton, please call 780-638-3637 (a dedicated phone line to the Edmonton clerks' office).

  • This is offered in Edmonton only, at the moment.
  • All FLS applications are set for 2:00 pm.
  • The document below, showing "FLS Available Hearing Dates" only pertains to booking a 20-60 minute application, and DOES NOT apply to applications outside the hearing length guidelines set out in Family Law Practice Note #2, effective October 1, 2015.
  • 1 Hour Special Applications are limited to 1 substantive matter.  If your application will exceed 60 minutes, you must book it through the Special Chambers Trial Coordinator at (780)422-2313.

To adjourn a 20-60 minute "family law special chambers" application that is scheduled to be heard in Edmonton, please call (780)643-1137 to speak with a Judicial clerk, who will ensure compliance with QB "Family Law Practice Note #2, effective October 1, 2015".

Please keep in mind that there may be periods of time when only two (2) matters will be scheduled, depending on availability of Justices. Every effort is made to accommodate all matters; however, there may be instances when it is not possible for all matters to proceed, and it would be prudent to check online availability on a regular basis, especially before agreeing on a date with opposing counsel.  The link further down this webpage opens a .pdf file that will display available hearing dates for the 20-60 minute “special family law chambers" applications being heard in Edmonton.

The preferred practice will be that counsel, counsel’s legal staff or a self-represented applicant (if such is the case) will review the dates that are available for booking an application before calling the clerks’ office. Once you have agreed on a date with the other party (must be consented to), that you wish to book (or adjourn to), please call the clerks’ office (at 780-643-1137) to speak with court staff who can book a date for your application; if the clerk is busy with someone else, do not hang up. Your call will be taken in the order that it is received.

When you call to book a hearing date, you will be asked to provide:

  1. the complete names of the parties;
  2. your name, phone number and email address;
  3. the estimated length of time your application will take to present in court.

You can find your filing deadlines below in the document entitled “PN #2 Deadline Dates”, which specifies filing deadline dates prescribed in “Family Law Practice Note #2, effective October 1, 2015” for material that will be filed with the Court.

PLEASE NOTE: Once your application is booked on the FLS Calendar, you must file your application documents with the FLS clerks' office as soon as possible (but no later than deadline #1 shown in the “PN #2 Deadline Dates", in order to secure your application hearing date.

If you fail to comply with the filing deadlines, you run the risk of having your court date struck.

International Child Abduction

In cases of high conflict separation, a situation may arise where one parent effectively abducts the child from the other parent and then leaves the country with the child. The 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (the Hague Convention), which became law in Alberta on February 1, 1987, was designed to help the parents who have been left behind to locate and retrieve their children from the abducting parent in a foreign country. Applications to return a child located in Alberta to his or her home country are usually brought before the Court of Queen’s Bench, which has developed the following documents to assist parties in preparing return applications.

Title Modified Date Size
1. User's Guide 8/6/2009 42.67 KB Download
2. Preparing Return Applications 8/6/2009 80.43 KB Download
3. Return Application Flowchart 8/6/2009 41.21 KB Download
4. Alberta Procedural Protocol 8/6/2009 46.53 KB Download
5. Additional Resources 8/6/2009 33.81 KB Download
Recommended Practices for Court-to-Court Judicial Communication 9/26/2013 21.56 KB Download