COVID-19 Announcements Archive




Sep 1, 2021

The Court of Queen’s Bench will continue to take a cautious approach to the resumption of operations as they were being conducted prior to March, 2020. With the commencement of the 2021 Fall Term on September 7, 2021, the Court will continue to take steps to minimize traffic at courthouses as much as possible.

Access to courthouses will continue to be restricted in accordance with the Courts’ Notice dated November 27, 2020. The mask requirements for individuals attending at courthouses set out in the Courts’ Notice dated June 25, 2021 will continue to apply.

All matters scheduled for the Fall Term will proceed as scheduled in all Judicial Centres, subject to any further Announcement of the Court, unless otherwise ordered in individual cases.

All trials and hearings involving oral evidence will proceed in person.

With the exception of jury trials in the Judicial Centre of Calgary, all jury selections and jury trials are expected to be conducted at off-site facilities.

In the Judicial Centre of Calgary, jury selections are expected to be conducted at off-site facilities, but jury trials will proceed at the Calgary Courts Centre.

All other matters will continue to be conducted remotely.

The status of the COVID-19 pandemic will be monitored very closely. The foregoing restrictions and processes will be in effect until further notice.