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Desk Divorce Package Checklist Requirement & Mailing/Emailing of Divorce Judgments

Sep 1, 2021

ALBERTA RULES OF COURT 12.50(3)(d) and 12.50(8)


Commencing September 13, 2021, all new desk divorce packages submitted to the Court must include a Desk Divorce Package Checklist (Checklist) and copies of all relevant, previously filed materials as listed on the Checklist.

The Desk Divorce Package Checklist can be found here: as well as on the Divorce Forms and Instructions webpage. Submissions that do not include the Checklist will not be accepted for processing.

Additionally, Rule 12.50(3)(d) of the Alberta Rules of Court provides that, when applying for a divorce without appearance by counsel, ie. a “desk divorce”, a Party who is not represented by Counsel must provide a stamped envelope addressed to that Party at the address shown in the Affidavit of the Applicant. Rule 12.50(8) provides that where Rule 12.50(3)(d) applies, the Clerk of the Court must use that envelope to mail the final Divorce Judgment to the Applicant.

In the interest of reducing traffic at courthouses and streamlining the Court’s processes for the electronic filing of material

  1. Parties to whom Rule 12.50(3)(d) applies, ie. parties filing for a desk divorce who are not represented by counsel, may provide the Clerk of the Court an email address, in the place of a stamped envelope; email addresses are to be provided on the Desk Divorce Package Checklist. Parties who provide the Clerk of the Court an email address instead of a stamped envelope will receive a copy of the Divorce Judgment via email to the email address provided.
  2. Parties to whom Rule 12.50(3)(d) of the Alberta Rules of Court does not apply to are also able to receive a copy of the granted Divorce Judgment via email by providing their email addresses where indicated at the bottom of the Desk Divorce Package Checklist submitted with their desk divorce package.

Please note that where the Divorce Judgment is provided by email, a hard copy will not follow unless requested.