COVID-19 Announcements


Remote Bar Admissions

Jun 15, 2020

Given the current restrictions on congregations and courtrooms, the Court will continue to conduct Bar Admissions remotely. Effective immediately, Bar Admissions will be conducted via Webex, which will allow a student's family and friends to attend via Webex link.

Generally, Bar Admissions will be conducted by a Duty Justice. However, the Court recognizes that there will be occasions when a student has a particular connection with a specific Justice. Arrangements can therefore be made with that Justice to have them conduct the Bar Admission remotely, via Webex.

All Bar Admissions will be scheduled for 1:00 pm. There will be a cap of three Bar Admissions on any given day. In all cases, these will be brief, given the limited resources available at the present time.

All Bar Admissions for the province are to be booked via email to: