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Two full-time Justices of the Peace appointed

Oct 22, 2020

We are pleased to announce two new full-time Justices of the Peace appointments, effective October 14:

Cathryn Duxbury is moving from part-time to full-time in Edmonton.
Cathryn was appointed as a part-time justice of the peace for the Provincial Court of Alberta in April 2017. Since her appointment, the majority of her time has been spent conducting bail hearings at the Edmonton office of the Provincial Hearing Office. However, her duties have also included considering applications for warrants and sealing orders on search warrant and related applications; hearing applications for child apprehensions and emergency protection orders; receiving Informations; considering and ordering process; and taking guilty pleas on most provincial offences and adjudicating accordingly. She also presides in Traffic and Bylaw Court, where she tries and determines matters arising under a prescribed list of provincial and municipal statutes in both Edmonton and the surrounding region. Prior to her appointment as a justice of the peace, Cathryn spent most of her career as a litigator, both in private practice and 11 years with the City of Edmonton Law Branch. Cathryn also spent several years as an adjudicator for the Municipal Government Board and the New Home Buyers' Protection Board, and as a partner in a legal consulting firm, MCM Consulting and Legal Services. As a research lawyer with MCM, Cathryn contracted with Carswell, a division of Thomson Reuters Canada Limited, to provide Alberta legal content to their Legal Memoranda & Points of Law database on WestlawNext Canada. Cathryn currently serves on the board of directors of the Society of Justices of the Peace in Alberta and is Chair of the Education Committee.

D. Nicole Dumaresque is a new appointment in Calgary.
D. Nicole Dumaresque hails from Labrador City, Newfoundland. She received her undergraduate degree in Sociology and Psychology from the University of Ottawa summa cum laude and her law degree from the University of Calgary. She entered private practice after being called to the Alberta Bar in 2004, having articled with Van Harten O'Gorman Foster Iovinelli (as it was known then), with whom she remained for two years. Following private practice Nicole joined Legal Aid as a staff lawyer with assignments in Domestic Violence Court and the Federal Docket Court. Since 2010, Nicole had been employed as a Standing Agent for the Public Prosecutions Service of Canada. Her work included prosecuting regulatory charges as well as all aspects of Criminal Code and CDSA allegations.