Provincial Court Traffic

This web site provides general information about proceedings in Traffic Court. For legal advice and advice on possible defence strategies relating to the charges against you, you should consult a lawyer.

Traffic Court is part of the Provincial Court of Alberta. It deals with offences (commonly referred to as provincial offences) under many provincial statutes, municipal by-laws and a few federal statutes. Traffic Court does not deal with charges under most federal statutes, including the Criminal Code.

Trials in Traffic Court are generally heard by a sitting justice of the peace (usually referred to as a Traffic Commissioner). However, Provincial Court judges hear trials at some locations in the province. A Provincial Court judge should be addressed in court as Your Honour, and a Traffic Commissioner, as Your Worship.

Traffic Publications & Forms

Title Description Modified Date
Affidavit of Service of Summons on a Corporation CTS0064 11/28/2013
Affidavit on Application to Set Aside a Conviction CTS1931 1/4/2011
Traffic Court: What You Need To Know When You've Been Charged with a Provincial Offence 4/16/2010